Those who have read the Mueller report are overwhelmed by the vast corruption that it documents. Unfortunately, most Americans haven’t read it and are confused by the misleading summary of William Barr and the outright mischaracterizations of Donald Trump.

We created the Mueller Postcards to help more Americans understand the contents in the report. The cards consist of selected excerpts from the report, with pictures to provide context. The cards are organized into stories to make reading the report easy. The excerpts were carefully selected so the experience becomes something like reading a spy/law novel.

If you are looking for a way to help, invite some friends for a #MuellerBookClub and discuss the contents of the stories, or copy the cards and use them in your tweets and posts. You are welcome to remix the cards for any non-commercial use.

Robert Mueller has bipartisan respect which gives the report legitimacy in many eyes, especially in these days in which media is less trusted. We feel that sharing the contents of the report with more citizens is one way to help America save its democracy. Please help us in this quest by reading and sending out Mueller Postcards.


David Wolber (@dwwolber)
Minerva Novoa (@MNovoaSF)
Two Concerned Citizens